Another great day in the Pilanesberg

Every visit to the Pilanesberg National Park is unique and a blessing. On Saturday the 8th of June we were out with Wild World Tours again. Our guests had a brilliant day and really enjoyed themselves. This was just another great day in the pilanesberg.

Pilanesberg sunset

Although we could not find any of the cats, our guests were still very happy. We got very up close and personal with a bull elephant who showed us that he owns the road and the experience was incredible. Please note that we are very experienced and do not recommend getting too close to elephants.

Giraffes chewing on bones. No, they are not carnivores. They do this to get the calcium that is in the bones that they need.

A warthog eating grass. Beautiful rhinos enjoying the afternoon sun. We saw birds of prey hunting and got a rare sighting of a brown hyena.

Two rhinos facing off
Giraffe chewing a bone
Bone chewing giraffe
Grazing warthog
A grazing warthog at peace
Brown hyena
Brown hyena

We are glad that our guests had an amazing day in the park. The Pilanesberg National Park never fails to deliver.