About Dinokeng

Dinokeng Game Reserve is the only large residential Big 5 game reserve in the world. Situated just an hour from Johannesburg. This reserve boasts some amazing nature and over 400 species of birds which are in the reserve throughout the year along with your annual visiting birds.

The Big 5 roam freely in the reserve and many residents get to experience the wildlife walking right past their homes. The reserve has about 200km of fencing along the border. In 2008, the fence was erected with the help of the residents and the Gauteng Provincial Government. This makes it a reasonably young reserve.

Many of animals were introduced into the park since then. Recently in 2018 black rhino’s were also brought into the park as this is a great environment for them. The bush is nice and thick, therefore making it an ideal environment for wildlife.


There are self-drive routes which will take you the whole day to drive along. Some of the roads in the park are quite tricky to travel and therefore we recommend that you use a vehicle with good ground clearance. There are 3 picnic sites and other rest stops where you may alight from your vehicle although you do this at your own risk. Most noteworthy are the bird hides which will give you an amazing abundance of birdlife.

Guided game drives and bush walks are also on offer as well as Hot Air Ballooning where you can view the area from the skies and enjoy its majestic views. This is most certainly a place worth visiting.

In conclusion, Dinokeng is truly a magnificent place to visit. If you just want to go for the day or for a whole weekend or a week, you can contact us for your customized safari. Dinokeng has so much to offer the person who wants to experience it all and you will most certainly not regret it.