Sean and Chris are the owners of Heart of the Wild Tours and Safaris.

Chris de Jager

Chris de Jager

He has always had a passion for wildlife, all animals big and small. As a young child, Chris wanted to become a vet. However, as he grew up, that dream fell by the wayside and he went into the IT field. However, he never lost his love for wildlife. Every chance he got he would get on the road, touring the beautiful countryside of South Africa. He explored game reserves whenever possible.

Chris’ passion and love of animals came from growing up on a farm and working with farm animals. Over time this extended to wildlife and over the years he has housed many kinds of animals. Chris even reared abandoned baby animals.

He has instilled his love of all animals to his children. Chris has taught them how vitally important it is to take care of our wildlife and its environment. This means that one should never be in a hurry to pass an animal by. Always lookout for the smallest creature to the largest mammal. There should always be time to enjoy the beauty of wildlife and learn more about it each and every day.

Finally, after working for two decades in the IT industry, Chris decided to follow his heart. He pursued his passion for doing what he does best: sharing his knowledge of the African bush and wildlife through guided tours. Here he believes he will enable you to experience the same joy and fulfillment on your journey. Leaving you with a greater understanding of the importance of conserving wildlife and the environment for future generations to come.

Sean Hampson

When Sean was five years old, his parents took him to a small game reserve on the western side of Gauteng. It was his first experience and it awakened in him a passion for the African wild that has followed him throughout his life.

Sean has studied through Bushveld Training Adventures and developed a very strong understanding and connection to the heart of the African Bush.Ranging from the smallest insect to the mighty African Elephant. This enthusiasm and absolute love of wildlife is what makes Sean so eager to pass on his knowledge to anyone who is keen to learn.

Sean has a very special place in his heart for all birds, big and small, and this ignites a fire in his soul. On his tours, he will gladly try and answer all your questions about any of the birds you may encounter.

The ‘big cats’, especially the elusive leopard, is another of Sean’s passions. Every single sighting of a leopard is a memorable one. From the quick glance that only lets you see the flick of their white tail-end, to the special viewing of one gracefully lounging in a tree, surveying the vast bushveld in the mid-day heat. All of these leopard sightings are special and Sean’s ability for spotting them is only matched by his excitement of showing them to others.

By touring with Sean, you will be presented with an experience only he knows how to give – his heart, his passion and his love for everything ‘wild’.  This will be a day you will remember for the rest of your life.