Over the last couple of weeks, we have been hard at work with tours to Pilanesberg. Not only through Heart of the Wild Tours and Safaris but also guiding for Wild World Tours. The gifts of Pilanesberg are endless and every single day she offers us a new and unique experience.

It has been an amazing time of year to see what Pilanesberg has to offer. The buffalo (also known as the ‘ghosts of Pilanesberg’) coming down from the mountains to enjoy the cool water.

Leopards all over the park. It was great to see a pair of mating leopards on the rocks on Mankwe Way. Another one was found lying under a tree at Lengau Dam after a kill.

Lions on a Buffalo kill at Malatse Dam. What an unforgettable sighting to see 6 lions on this kill. Their bellies were full and they were so lazy that they just fell asleep near their kill.

Cheetahs lying under a tree in the shade at Lengau Dam. A single cheetah lying in the open at Mankwe Dam.

Even with these amazing sightings, we have had some amazing experiences with our clients. Some intense and exciting sightings with many of the other wildlife in the park including Elephants and Rhinos.

Every day offers something new. Some days you get to see the most exciting sightings. On other days you miss all the greatest sightings. But nevertheless, there is always something that is on offer. Even the birds and other wildlife can keep you entertained.

But we don’t just go to find the exciting sightings. We also love to educate our guests on the history of the park, the animals and the plants. Education is the key as to why our wildlife is to be preserved. this is not only for our current generations but for future generations to come. We want our guests to go home with a little bit more knowledge than what they arrived with.

Heart of the Wild Tours & Safaris is very grateful that we are able to spend time with our guests in the park. We want them to be able to see what the world has to offer. Not many people get to do what we do. We truly wish to be able to show as many people as possible the wonders of South Africa.

Pilanesberg is not the only grate Park in South Africa. We also have the largest national park in Southern Africa, The Kruger National Park which has equally and amazing experiences to deliver that you can experience.

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